Stacy Philpott, CASFS Director


“Center for Agroecology has been a national leader in the progress we’ve made toward building a healthy and just food system. There's more to do, and Center for Agroecology will continue leading us forward.” -Stacy Philpott, Center for Agroecology executive director

Professor Stacy Philpott became the executive director of the Center for Agroecology in October 2019. A member of UCSC’s Environmental Studies Department since 2012, she currently holds the Alfred & Ruth Heller Chair in Agroecology.

Dr. Philpott received her BS in Zoology at the University of Washington, then went on to earn a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan. Her research interests include community ecology, ecosystem services, urban agroecology, and interactions between agriculture, conservation, and farmer livelihoods. She has worked for more than 20 years to understand how farm management and the landscapes surrounding farms influence biodiversity, ecological interactions, and ecosystem services in coffee agroforests and urban agroecosystems.

While at UCSC, Dr. Philpott has worked to get more students involved with agroecology and sustainable food systems. She helped develop a scholarship program for students interested in agroecology, sustainable food systems, and food justice, funded by the US Department of Agriculture's Multicultural Scholars Program. She also worked to help develop the agroecology major at UCSC.

As Center for Agroecology executive director she plans to continue to expand the Center’s support for undergraduate and graduate education, build strong connections with scholars studying agroecology and food across campus, and lead students on our campus to improved food security and access. With new state funding for UCSC's “Basic Needs” programs, Center for Agroecology will increase production of food for campus dining halls and food pantries and create more opportunities for students to gain food systems work experience at the Farm and Garden.

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