August Gage - Student Staff

March 23, 2020


August is a psychology major here at UC Santa Cruz where she works at Center for Agroecology as the Food Systems Working Group's (FSWG) land-based co-chair. This means she spends half of her time at the farm, delegating interns, helping with deliveries, and supporting the Center for Agroecology basic needs coordinator. The other half of her time is spent as the FSWG supervisor, facilitating meetings and supporting all of the “land-based” organizations in FSWG, like the Rachel Carson College Garden and the Demeter Seed Library.

August is originally from Menlo Park, California. She first fell in love with farming when her grandfather decided to start gardening after retirement and she began helping him. When she started college at UCSC, she immediately got involved at the Rachel Carson College Garden where she started off as an intern, and then later worked as a coordinator.

When she is not in class or working as FSWG’s land-based co-chair, you can find August working with the Sunrise Movement, where she does political organizing. August is not sure what she wants to do once she graduates and is playing it by ear; however, she knows that she wants to continue farming and politically organizing.

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