Center Spotlight

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Francis Ge - Staff

    Francis is the basic needs coordinator at the Center for Agroecology. She helps plan farm production, distributes produce to students and works with students in the Food Systems Working Group and Produce Pop-Up.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Naliyah Martinez-Truso - Student Staff

    Naliyah is the former steward of the Black Lives Matter Garden at the UCSC Farm. She worked to maintain the space, curate community events, and bring the purpose and spirit of the garden to life.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Avry Grows - Alum

    Avry was an apprentice, a second year apprentice, and a Farm Garden tech for the Center of Agroecology. They are now cultivating resilient plants with loving intention at Perennial Permaculture Nursery in Felton, north of Santa Cruz.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Scott Chang Fleeman - Alum

    Scott Chang-Fleeman (AEH 2017) runs Shao Shan Farm, a 5.5 acre organic farm in West Marin, CA that specializes in certified organic Asian heritage vegetables. Scott was an intern at the Center for Agroecology as a UCSC student. After he graduated, he returned to campus to complete the Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Moretta Browne - Alum

    Moretta "Mo" Browne was a Center for Agroecology apprentice in 2016. Mo now works at Berkeley Basket, an urban backyard CSA that provides "hyper local" produce to members. Mo is an advocate for Queer Ecology and is passionate about teaching others about it.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} August Gage - Student Staff

    August is the Food Systems Working Group's (FSWG) land-based co-chair. She spends half of her time at the UCSC Farm, delegating interns, helping with deliveries, and supporting the Center for Agroecology basic needs coordinator, and the other half facilitating meetings and supporting all of the “land-based” organizations in FSWG.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Clare Riesman - Staff

    Clare is the assistant manager of the Alan Chadwick Garden. As assistant manager, Clare is in charge of basic garden tasks like irrigating, pruning, and clearing. She also supports interns and student workers, and assists in teaching Environmental Studies classes and Apprenticeship courses.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Christof Bernau - Staff

    Christof is the Farm Garden manager. His role includes teaching Apprenticeship classes about the foundations of organic agriculture practices and changing the food system, supporting intern and student education, managing the yearly plant sale, and scheduling sowing and bed turnover.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Kellee Matsushita-Tseng - Staff

    Kellee is the assistant manager of the Farm Garden and an Apprenticeship instructor. As assistant manager, Kellee is in charge of day-to-day farm tasks, marketing and sales, and managing the farm stand and plant sale.

  • ${_EscapeTool.xml(imgAlt)} Margaret Bishop - Staff

    Margaret is the basic needs coordinator at Center for Agroecology. She's in charge of connecting the UCSC Farm to other campus programs and organizations. She also manages donations from the fields and food pantries and is the Food Systems Working Group (FSWG) staff advisor.