Margaret Bishop - Staff

January 28, 2020


Margaret is the basic needs coordinator at Center for Agroecology. She's in charge of connecting the UCSC Farm to other campus programs and organizations. She also manages donations from the fields and food pantries and is the Food Systems Working Group (FSWG) staff advisor.

Margaret started as a student worker with Center for Agroecology in 2017 while studying sociology at UCSC, and became a staff member in 2019. She grew up the the Sacramento Area where she attended Waldorf School. It was here at the Waldorf school, as well as with the help of her gardening-loving father, that she found her love for farming.

Starting off as an intern at Produce Pop-Up during her undergrad years, Margaret quickly realized her love for the Center for Agroecology Farm. After interning at Pop-Up, Margaret served as land-based co-chair of the Food Systems Working Group (FSWG), which then led her to her current position as basic needs coordinator.

In her role she strives to make the farm a more welcoming space to all students and help them connect the dots between systemic issues and their own food insecurity: "I love working at Center for Agroecology and stewarding a place that is a haven for many students and community members to come and destress and learn hands-on about the food system. It's so rewarding to be able to provide students with the quantity and quality of food that they need."

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