The CASFS Farm & Garden Brochure

The roots of organic agriculture are right here.

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The CASFS Farm & Garden Brochure

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The prevailing system of growing and distributing food is not sustainable. It damages the earth, and it damages its inhabitants, resulting in poorer health and inequities in class, labor, and consumption. CASFS aims to change this by transforming food production on the planet. We envision organically grown, nutritious food for everyone, regardless of class, ethnicity, gender, age, or place. We respect the diversity of the planet’s organisms, and actively demonstrate how to take care of the land and water on which we depend. We are dedicated to creating a world in which those who grow, harvest, and process food are supported and respected for their critical work.


CASFS serves as a working organic farm and includes two market gardens, an agricultural research station, an outdoor lab and classroom, and a training facility. It is our job to:

CASFS by the numbers

30 acre working organic farm
3 acre working organic garden
150+ crops, featuring hundreds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers
300-400 undergraduates engaged in field-based, intensive experiential classes and internships annually
500+ community members in CASFS classes annually
3,600+ pre-K-12 students visiting CASFS for Life Lab education programs annually
9,135 pre-K-12 instructors trained in Life Lab programs at the UCSC Farm in the past 5 years
10,000 undergraduates receive CASFS programs and/or publications annually
20,000+ downloads of free organic farming curriculum
1,500+ apprenticeship graduates
250+ organic farms managed by graduates

• Find better ways to grow food and flowers organically

• Train the next generation of organic farmers and gardeners

• Instill an adaptive mentality, so growers can respond to everything from climate change to available resources

• Educate consumers to better understand their impact on food production and distribution

Our work envisions a new paradigm in modern agriculture. What if we could grow beautiful, healthy food in a way that nourishes both the people who eat it and the land on which it is grown? Who would work the land? Who would get the food? We focus on more than just eliminating agrochemicals from the food system. We focus on eliminating inequities at every stage—from growing to harvesting to consuming.


Through our innovative research and education, public engagement, new techniques, and immersive training, CASFS has taken a leadership position in the organic agriculture and sustainable food systems movement. To continue our work, we have identified these specific goals:

• Achieve permanent self-sufficiency
Through the expansion of private contributions and endowments, including a $3 million center-naming endowment for CASFS

• Create a model facility
Through renovating and upgrading the CASFS site, showcasing green technology and sustainability methods, and repurposing historic structures for education and outreach efforts

• Help beginning growers start their careers
Through expanded apprentice training, paid advanced internships, and resources for partnering with key agriculture industry and NGO players to provide increased opportunity

• Expand our impact
Through hiring and training advisors to provide extension services for organic growers, both locally and worldwide, and by offering educational resources including field days, workshops, videos, and publications to increase grower and consumer knowledge

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every person’s needs.” — Mahatma Gandhi


The University of California supplies only 15% of our operating budget, so we depend on private contributions, foundation gifts and grants to achieve our goals. Your support will help improve the quality of the world’s food production and help aspiring organic growers realize their dreams.

Your gift makes all the difference.

Make a donation to CASFS online or call Ann Lindsey at 831-566-3779, email, or Audries Blake at 831-459-3695,