Intensive Short Courses

Center for Agroecology Instructor Darryl Wong leads a class at the UCSC Farm

The Center's intensive short courses provide intermediate and experienced gardeners and farmers hands-on, land-based professional development and skill-building opportunities focused on specialized agricultural topics including seed propagation, soils and cultivation, food preservation, agricultural business management, best practices in agricultural education, and more.

We are excited to preview two short courses that are being planned for February and March at the UCSC Farm, with more to come in the spring. 

Fruit Tree Short Course: Prepping, Planting, Pruning, and Organic Orchard Management for Pome and Stone Fruits

February 25-27, UCSC Farm 

Orin Martin, Chadwick Garden Manager, will teach this in-person intensive for intermediate growers or those just getting started with fruit trees.  The course will cover: site selection, soil preparation, varietal selection, rootstock considerations, sourcing and selecting quality trees, planting, post-planting care, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, irrigation, care of young trees 1-3 years and mature trees, attracting beneficial insects, and more. (Registration to come)

Organic Seedling Production Short Course 

March 16-18, UCSC Farm 

Christof Bernau and Kellee Matsushita-Tseng, the Farm Garden Manager and Assistant Manager, will teach this three day course covering greenhouse systems, environmental management and design efficiencies for small growers, with reading and video assignments, on site presentations, demonstrations, and reflective exercises looking at crops in the greenhouse. (Registration to come)

Check back for more information and registration for these and other short courses in mid-January.  

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