Student Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

We offer volunteer and internship opportunities for UCSC students. See below for details.

    Spring 2024 Student Internship Opportunities

  • The Center for Agroecology welcomes UCSC student interns!

    Signup for our spring internship! Join us for a 2- or 5-unit internship (you will select specific days/times in the form; available days/times are listed in the form) working with:

    • Chadwick Garden
    • Cowell Coffee Shop
    • Produce Pop-Up
    • Farm Garden (UCSC Farm)
    • Field (UCSC Farm)

    Center for Agroecology internships are run through the UCSC Environmental Studies Department’s Internship Office. Please read the Internship Office instructions for internship programing carefully, as the Internship Office is the entity that manages all the official enrollment requirements and evaluations.


    The Center for Agroecology serves as the Agency Sponsor for internships. You will need to approach an ENVS faculty member to serve as your Faculty Sponsor. See more details in the sign-up form.

    To learn more about the Center for Agroecology and our mission, please visit our About page.

    Internship descriptions

    Chadwick Garden

    Located just below Merrill College. Learn basic skills related to organic growing superimposed on the care, shepherding, upkeep of the Chadwick garden. Basic activities revolve around intensive gardening, using raised beds we will look at and engage in a wide range of activities; soil and tillage, direct sowing and transplanting of fall vegetables and flowers, basic fruit tree care, watering, weed, control, crop culture, greenhouse propagation, fertility - compost, cover crops and use of organic fertilizers in an 'idyllic setting'- a biodiverse mixed intensive garden.

    Cowell Coffee Shop

    Located at Cowell College. A non-transactional student-run cafe in the Basic Needs program, the Cowell Coffee Shop is designed to increase access to healthy, seasonal, and culturally-relevant foods. Interns can work in the kitchen preparing salads, soups, frittatas, tamales, and more from the produce grown on the UCSC farm and by local farmers. Interns may also work downstairs in the cafe serving students, helping with events, creating good vibes, and keeping the place running.

    Produce Pop-up

    Produce Pop-Up is a twice-weekly, low-cost organic farmstand on campus run by UCSC students and open to the entire community. Interns will assist in all aspects of the farmstand, including sourcing produce from the UCSC farm and the Santa Cruz Farmers' Market, bringing it directly to central locations on campus, marketing and selling the produce, creating and sharing seasonal recipes, and building community through good food. Produce Pop-Ups take place on Wednesdays from 11am-3pm at Quarry Plaza and 11zm-3pm on Fridays at Science Hill in front of the Science & Engineering Library.

    Farm Garden

    Farm Garden interns will be involved in caring for a dynamic garden ecosystem with a diverse range of food and flower crops, while exploring food growing and land stewardship practices that support the building of a more equitable food system, all while working side by side with our student staff team and professional staff. Winter quarter activities will focus on care and pruning of perennial crops: pruning, fertilizing, weeding, and mulching, with a particular focus on blueberries and citrus trees. We will also be working in the greenhouses, sowing and caring for early season annual crops, as well as maintaining and harvesting our Winter cut flower crops.  Daily rhythms will be influenced by the weather and soil moisture, but even in the "quiet" season, there is always plenty for us to do in caring for the garden. 


    Located on the UCSC Farm at the base of campus between the Hay Barn and the Village. Field interns will engage in all aspects of diversified organic crop production at a tractor scale. Activities include sowing seeds, transplanting, weeding, irrigation, harvest, washing and packing, and more. This 10-acre farm and orchard provides over 25,000lbs of fruits and vegetables to UCSC students each year through Basic Needs food access programs -- the Cowell Coffee Shop, Produce Pop-Up, Redwood Free Market, and Family Student Housing.