The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) has created and collaborated on an extensive collection of resources for growers as well as agroecology and food systems researchers, educators, learners and consumers.

CASFS resources include publications for growers, students, educators, and consumers, as well as research briefs and newsletters. CASFS videos include lectures and webinars as well as demonstrational lessons on topics including double digging, pruning fruit trees, potting up and others.

CASFS also collaborates with other organizations to provide resources to farmers and gardeners. The Central Coast Farmer Education Network (FEN) calendar lists upcoming events relevant to Central Coast growers. The California Organic Systems Researcher Map, developed by Joji Muramoto, assistant Cooperative Extension organic production specialist based at CASFS, is a directory of California organic farming researchers to serve a range of stakeholders including growers, gardeners, governmental agencies, NGOs, and consumers in the state.