The Apprenticeship Program

Purpose and Vision

The UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology Apprenticeship Program offers seasoned beginners practical skills in gardening and small-scale farming. This program is an immersive experience where learning takes place in the gardens and field, the classroom and through living in community on the land. In addition to direct, daily instruction from staff, the Apprenticeship creates space and context for peer-to-peer learning and exchange with mentors, instructors, and facilitators. 

Graduates emerge from the Apprenticeship on the road to sustaining themselves and their communities with the knowledge they’ve gained and shared in our program. Alumni pursue various careers, including starting their own farms or market gardens, establishing farming education programs, and working in national and international programs to support organic farming.

Program Update

We have paused the Apprenticeship Program as we work to make adjustments and improvements to the program. We will not be offering the program in 2024. Check back or sign up for our newsletter for updates on the 2025 program. 

In 2024 we are offering short courses—hands-on, land-based professional development and skill-building opportunities focused on specialized agricultural topics including seed propagation, soils and cultivation, fruit tree planting and care, and more. View our schedule of upcoming short courses.