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    Permanent Staff Positions

  • Community and Residential Life Coordinator

    The Community and Residential Life Coordinator is responsible for planning and facilitating all aspects of community and residential life for the participants in the Center's Apprenticeship and short course programs. The incumbent will collaborate with other staff to support undergraduate engagement on the farm and positive interactions between undergraduates, apprentices and short course participants. The Community and Residential Life Coordinator provides leadership to build the capacity of the Apprenticeship and short course participants through the design, implementation, coordination, assessment and continuous improvement of the social justice and equity aspects of Center for Agroecology programming to advance food system change. The incumbent is responsible for managing complex social dynamics among program participants and creating structures and support systems that facilitate group harmony so as to improve participants’ learning outcomes. In collaboration with Center for Agroecology staff, the incumbent uses skills and experience to address programmatic and pedagogical design issues, to facilitate the delivery of effective and empowering course content. The Community and Residential Life Coordinator will also play a role in advancing campus and community partnerships, and creating new opportunities for access to Center for Agroecology programming.

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