Instructor Orin Martin leads a class at the Chadwick Garden. Photo: Jim Clark

The Center’s education work serves audiences ranging from UCSC undergraduates working and learning at the Farm & Garden and community members attending gardening workshops co-sponsored by the Friends of the UCSC Farm & Garden to participants in the Apprenticeship Program, a hands-on training program for aspiring farmers, and intensive short courses focused on agroecological topics. Through classes, conferences, public events, tours, and publications, the Center reaches academics, researchers, policy makers, students, and the general public with information about sustainable agriculture and food systems. 

The Center has also taken a lead role in developing resources for those teaching about sustainable agriculture at the college and university level, and helped organize the first national-level conference on post-secondary sustainable agriculture education. Center staff members have produced internationally recognized instructional resources for those teaching organic farming, gardening, and marketing skills.