Chadwick Garden Renewal

The Chadwick Garden — This 3-acre magical spot on campus has been growing gardeners for more than 55 years, inspiring thousands of students, apprentices, and community members to learn while tilling the soil and tending to organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Over the decades, the well-used facilities at the beloved garden have experienced significant wear and tear and we need your help to renew our learning spaces and repair infrastructure.

Help is needed to renew and restore the following facilities:

    • Refreshing and updating office space for staff and students.
    • Adding more accessible pathways.
    • Chalet repairs including installing a hot water heater, new windows and screens, a new floor, and restoring the indoor and outdoor kitchens for a hands-on "seed to skillet" curriculum.
    • Long term: adding restrooms to the Chadwick Garden.

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