Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Evaluation Resources: 12 New Items in the GREW Project Evaluation Resource Library

Photo credit: James Eades on Unsplash

We have recently added 12 new articles, webinars, and websites to our Online Evaluation Resource Library that feature information related to incorporating equity, inclusion, and diversity into evaluation work. In this document we highlight three examples from our library as a starting point for your explorations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Extension Evaluation (Webinar)

This webinar with Natalie E. Cook and Thomas Archibald, held on July 17, 2020 as part of the NAEPSDP Virtual Summer School 2020, provides an orientation to what diversity, equity, and inclusion can look like in Extension evaluation, including approaches and frameworks, as well as common pitfalls and their mitigation. The speakers also provide tangible next steps of inquiry for integrating these practices into existing evaluation work. Watch the webinar! 

Considerations for Conducting Evaluation Using a Culturally Responsive and Racial Equity Lens (How To Guide)

This document provides practical ideas for conducting program evaluation with a culturally responsive and racial equity focus. It provides evaluators with ideas for self-reflection, organizational practices, and evaluation methods that can help them assemble more culturally competent teams, craft more culturally responsive evaluation designs, and gain valuable perspectives from people whose voices have previously not been heard. While the document might be targeted towards larger evaluations, the concepts can be utilized regardless of evaluation scope. Access the document!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Activity: Organizational Self-Assessment (Website)

Organizational self-assessment can be one aspect of evaluation – exploring how we are doing at meeting or implementing our desired objectives and values. This Tuskegee University and Cooperative Extension website documents several materials that will help organizations assess and reflect on their DEI related practices. Visit the website!

More Resources

Be sure to visit our Online Evaluation Resource Library for more resources like these. To access diversity, equity, and inclusion resources, go to the Resource Library webpage and in the drop-down menu under “General Evaluation Resource Types,” select “Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity,” then click search. We hope these resources are beneficial for you. If you know of any we should add, please email Katie Trozzo at ketrozzo@vt.edu.

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