Ideas, Tips, and Resource Highlights

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    Resources for Conducting Follow Up Evaluation

    Do you need ideas for checking back in with past participants of your programs? The GREW Project has several resources to assist you with conducting follow up evaluation, including webinars, data collection tools, and budgets.

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    Basic Evaluation Tools and Resources

    There are many resources available on the web to help people conduct program evaluation. It can be somewhat overwhelming to wade through them all. To make the process simpler, we have highlighted a few key documents. These items offer basic information and guidance for different aspects of conducting evaluation.
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    Resources for Using Self-Assessment as a Learning and Evaluation Strategy

    Self-assessment in beginning farmer programs can help improve learning outcomes for participants and serve programs as an evaluation tool. GREW offers several resources for learning more about, and utilizing, self-assessment in BFR programs.
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    Surveys, Assessments and Other Evaluation Tools used by Beginning Farmer Training Programs

    The GREW Resource Library contains hundreds of resources focused on running effective and thorough beginning farmer and rancher program evaluations. More than 75 new resources have been added to the library and more than 40 of these resources are examples of survey tools, reports, assessments and logic models done by peer organizations serving beginning farmers and ranchers.
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    Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Evaluation Resources

    Twelve new articles, webinars, and websites have been added to our Online Evaluation Resource Library that feature information related to incorporating equity, inclusion, and diversity into evaluation work. In this document we highlight three examples from our library as a starting point for your explorations.

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    Six Tips for Writing Your BFRDP Proposal Evaluation Plan

    The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program has released its RFA for the 2021/22 submissions. The GREW Project has come up with some key points to think about when working on your evaluation plan.