Then and Now — Now and Then

Celebrating 50 years of public workshops at the UCSC Farm & Garden and 50 years of Orin Martin’s teaching in the garden.


Saturday August 10thA Two-Part Event!

9:30am-12:00pm—Workshop at the Chadwick Garden “In Praise of the Permanent Raised Bed and Intensive Gardening” with Orin Martin

In honor of 50 years of public workshops, Orin will teach a workshop on an emblematic feature of our organic gardens: the permanent raised bed—a wide bed, intensively planted. Join Friends and fans on the Chalet porch for Orin’s lecture with demonstrations to follow at stations throughout the garden.

12:30pm-3:00pmCelebration and Talk at the Hay Barn 

Come gather together for food and drink in the Hay Barn with remarks by Orin on the tradition of public service teaching at the Farm & Garden for 50 years. Orin will look back to 1974, the inaugural year of “Friends-style” garden workshops and the official founding of apprenticeship, and talk about the ongoing, enduring, yet still evolving nature of the Farm & Garden.

There is no fee to attend, but donations are encouraged.


For directions and parking information:

To the Chadwick Garden for the 9:30 am workshop 

To the Hay Barn for the 12:30 pm Celebration and Talk