Cultivar Newsletter Archive

Newsletter of the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems

Reported on research and activities of the Center. Includes updates on sustainable agriculture topics, literature reviews, calendar section, and organic farming and gardening information. Note that hard copies of The Cultivar are no longer being published; an e-newsletter format is now being considered.

  • Spring/Summer 2009, Vol. 27. No. 1

    Lygus Study Looks at Pest, Predator Movements
    Agricultural Justice Project Addresses Social Issues
    Farm-to-Institution Study Surveys College Student Preferences, Perspectives
    Grow a Farmer Campaign Reaches Goal
    Block Planting Plan for CSA Developed
    Organic Network Reports on Research
    Center Expands Undergraduate Opportunities

  • Spring/Summer 2008, Vol. 26. No. 1

    Apprenticeship Grads Put Skills to Work in Local Food Efforts
    Study Examines Factors in Farming Conservation Practices
    Cover Crops Off Soil, Pest Management Options
    Farm-to-College Efforts Help "Green" Campus Food Systems
    Strawberry Study Shows Value of Crop Rotations

  • Spring/Winter 2007, Vol. 25. Nos. 1 & 2

    Looking Back of Four Decades of Innovation
    Blueberry Trial Shows Promise
    Farm-to-Institution Study Offers Insights
    Farm-to-College Work Expands
    40th Anniversary Celebrated at Back 40
    Sam Farr Honored
    Sustainable Ag Education Association Debuts
    Together at the Table Reviewed
    Reflecting on French Intensive Gardening
    Apprenticeship Housing Campaign Underway

  • Fall/Winter 2006, Vol 24. No. 2

    Farm-to-Institution Offers Potential Markets
    Watershed Monitorig Efforts Expand
    Farm-to-College Set to Go Systemwide
    For the Gardener: Growing Spinach, Beets, and Chard

  • Spring/Summer 2006, Vol 24. No. 1

    Farm-to-College Effort Bring Local Organic Produce to UCSC
    Introced Parasitoid Helps Control Lygus Infestations in Organic Strawberries
    Center Co-Hosts National Education Conference
    2nd International CSA Conference Convenes

  • Fall/Winter 2005, Vol. 23. No. 2

    Phosphorus Monitoring Underway
    Garden Classroom Tapped as Regional Training Center
    Organic Rose Primer Published
    Consumer Interest Examined
    Lettuce Offers Colorful, Tasty Options for Backyard Gardeners

  • Spring/Summer 2005, Vol. 23. No. 1

    Examining Public Service
    Addressing Issues Through Community-Based Research
    Center Produces New Online Curriculum
    National Educators Conference Planned
    Getting Organic Roses Off to a Good Start
    Climate Change Affects Farming

  • Fall/Winter 2004, Vol. 22. No. 2

    USDA Grant Bolsters Organic Research
    Consumer Interest in Food Systems Issues
    Center Produces New Training Manual
    Managing Nitrogen
    New Book Looks at Changes in Food System
    Growing Stone Fruit

  • Spring/Summer 2004, Vol. 22. No. 1

    Trap Crops in Organic Strawberry Production
    International CSA Meeting
    Blueberry Variety Trial at UCSC Farm
    Impacts of GM Plants on Wild Relatives of California Crops
    Gopher Control on Organic Farms

  • Fall/Winter 2003, Vol. 21. No. 2

    CAN Encourages an Agroecology Approach
    Agroecosystem Health in a Strawberry/Vegetable Rotation
    Examining the Impact of the Methyl Bromide Phase Out
    Growing Beans in the Home Garden

  • Spring/Summer 2003, Vol. 21. No. 1

    For the Farmer: Make the Most of Water Resources
    Killer Tomatoes vs. Golden Rice
    Academics and Activists
    Symphylan Study

  • Fall/Winter 2002, Vol. 20. No. 2

    35th Anniversary
    For the Farmer: Growing Organic Row Crops
    New Training Manual Available
    From the Field
    For the Gardener: Onions and Leeks

  • Spring/Summer 2002, Vol. 20. No. 1

    CSA Survey
    For the Farmer: Developing a Nutrient Budget
    Farming with Nature in Mind
    From the Fields

  • Fall/Winter 2001, Vol. 19. No. 2

    Central Coast Water Quality
    For the Farmer: Linking Farmers with Land
    Fair Trade Coffee
    For the Gardener: Growing Peas in the Home Garden

  • Spring/Summer 2001, Vol. 19. No. 1

    Symphylans Research Project
    Alternative Food Initiatives
    GE Food Debate
    Apprenticing Examined
    For the Farmer: Strawberry Variety Trial Results

  • Fall/Winter 2000, Vol. 18. No. 2

    Central Coast Research Project
    Center's Grant Program
    For the Gardener: Add Potatoes to Your Garden Plan
    In My Opinion: The Ethics of Biotechnology

  • Winter/Spring 2000, Vol. 18. No. 1

    Variety Trials
    BASIS-OASIS Update
    Impacts of Hurricane Mitch
    Apprentices Abroad
    For the Farmer: Finding Farms Online

  • Summer/Fall 1999, Vol. 17. No. 2

    Organic Agriculture and The Promise of Green Consumerism
    Researchers Seek Organic Solution to Symphylan Problem
    For the Gardener: A Garlic Primer

  • Winter/Spring 1999, Vol. 17. No. 1

    BASIS Project Promotes Biologcial Management in Strawberries
    Buffer Strips Help Protect Watershed's Health
    Organic Reseach at USDA/ARS Site
    Orin Martin Receives Steward of Sustainable Agriculture Award
    Study Compared Nitrate Levels in Organic and Conventional Crops
    For the Farmer & Gardener: Asian Greens Offer Tasty, Easy-to-Grow Source of Nutrition

  • Summer/Fall 1998, Vol. 16. No. 2

    Apprenticeship Trains CSA Farmers
    Live Earth Farm CSA
    For the Farmer: California Growers and Researchers Consider Tillage Options
    Community Food Security and Federal Food Programs: Finding Common Ground