News and Notes of the UCSC Farm & Garden

The quarterly News & Notes of the UCSC Farm & Garden includes gardening tips, vegetable- and fruit-growing information, discussions of plant varieties, Apprenticeship updates, recipes, and an events calendar. Members of the Friends of the UCSC Farm & Garden, the Center's community support group, receive a subscription to the News & Notes as part of their membership. Find out more about the Friends of the Farm & Garden and how you can become a member. You can download .pdfs of past issues of the News & Notes below.

    2023 Issues

  • Winter 2023

  • Spring 2023

  • 2022 Issues

  • Fall 2022

  • Summer 2022

  • Spring 2022

  • Winter 2022

  • 2021 Issues

  • Fall 2021

    Seed Saving and Seed Sovereignty
    with Kellee Matsushita-Tseng of the UCSC Farm
    Gratitude for your Support
    CASFS becomes the Center for Agroecology
    UCSC students return to the Farm and Garden
    Friends Board Update
    Apprenticeship Updates
    Thank You Volunteers!
    Cowell Coffee Shop: Farm-to-food-security student cafe
    To everything there is a season... by Orin Martin
    Fall Gardening Checklist

  • Summer 2021

    The Pepper: Then, Now and Going Forward
    by Orin Martin
    Upcoming Events
    Growing Heritage and Healing through Asian Vegetables
    by Allison Soergel
    Apprenticeship Updates
    Organic Techniques to Minimize Soilborne Disease in Strawberries
    Center Spotlight: Naliyah Martinez-Truso, Student Staff

  • Spring 2021

    CSA and Farmstand are Back!
    Land Acknowledgement
    Upcoming Events
    Garden Management Methods and Insect Diversity
    Center Spotlight: Avry Miller, Apprentice Alum
    Apprenticeship Updates
    Gratitude for Grants & Gifts
    Center for Agroecology Programming Update
    Stuffed Squash Blossom Soup Recipe
    Comings and Goings

  • Winter 2021

    Armchair Garden Planning
    by Delise Weir
    Winter 2021 Calendar of Events
    Video Project to Center for Agroecology Teaching Online
    Center for Agroecology Programming Update
    Grants & Gifts
    Center Spotlight: David Robles
    UC Explores Alternatives to Fumigants for Strawberries
    by Pamela Kan-Rice

  • 2020 Issues

  • Fall 2020

    Growing Dahlias (Cocoxochitl) of Every Shape, Size, and Color
    by Evan Domsic
    Grants and Gifts Support Core Operations and Projects
    Farewells and Gratitude
    Center Spotlight: Scott Chang-Fleeman, apprentice alum
    Apprenticeship Updates
    Harvest Festival Recordings now available

  • Summer 2020

    In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter
    Center for Agroecology Blueberries for Black Lives Matter
    Friends support Black Lives Matter Garden
    The Story of the Black Lives Matter Garden at the Center for Agroecology
    Troubleshooting Home Compost
    Center Spotlight: Moretta Browne, apprentice alum
    Diane Nichols moves on to new adventures
    Farm & Garden Update
    Preserve the Harvest with recipes from Cowell Coffee Shop Food Supervisor Brooks Schmitt
    Three Sisters Sope
    Apprenticeship Updates
    For the Gardener tip sheets available
    Friends Annual Meeting

  • Spring 2020

    Spring Gardening Tips from Orin Martin
    Agroecology Major Available This Fall
    by Jennifer McNulty
    In Memoriam
    Alfred E. Heller
    Patricia Lindgren
    David Ross
    New Grants Support Undergraduate Education and Research
    Herbal Remedies for Immunity
    by Cami Salomon
    Apprenticeship Updates
    Silver Linings: Center for Agroecology Update
    Fruit Trees for Every Garden Recognized
    by Jennifer McNulty

  • Winter 2020

    Seed Starting Tips with Christof Bernau
    by Martha Brown
    Winter 2020 Calendar of Events
    Grants, Gifts, & an Apple Pie recipe
    UCSC recives $1.5 million for Basic Needs programs
    by Jennifer McNulty
    Apprenticeship Updates

  • 2019 Issues

  • Fall 2019

    The Dawn Patrol
    by Manjula Martin
    Center for Agroecology to embark on yearlong effort to refresh programming
    Fall 2019 Calendar of Events
    Fall Harvest Festival, September 29 at the UCSC Farm
    Center for Agroecology welcomes new executive director
    Master gardener Orin Martin authors new book, Fruit Trees for Every Garden
    Farm hosts organic ag research tour for Congressman Jimmy Panetta
    Apprentice Updates

  • Summer 2019

    Plan Now and Plant Ahead for an Abundant Fall/Winter Garden
    by Orin Martin
    Summer/Early Fall Calendar of Events
    Poetry & Music (and a silent auction!) at the Alan Chadwick Garden 
    Applications Open for 2019 Apprenticeship Program
    Fruit Trees for Every Garden by Orin Martin Available for Pre-Order
    UC Cooperative Extension Hires First Organic Specialist

  • Spring 2019

    No-Till Study Underway at the UC Santa Cruz Farm
    Tillage defined
    Why no-till?
    No-till's challenges
    Study compares three tillage approaches
    Spring Calendar of Events
    Thanks to Our Supporters!
    Grants fund translation of Grower Guides into Spanish
    UCSC Giving Day donations help grow food for students in need
    Spring Tasks in the Garden
    Meet the 2019 Apprentices

  • Winter 2019

    Hops (Humulus lupulus) – Grow Hops, Grow Beer!
    Seasons, cycles, and care of hops
    Trellising, planting, spacing
    Care of hops
    Gathering the harvest
    Varieties and Sources
    Winter/early Spring Calendar of Events
    Friends of the Farm & Garden Board Updates
    #RegrowPuertoRico Report
    Support Funds Ongoing Education, Exciting Initiatives

  • 2018 Issues

  • Fall 2018

    The Apprenticeship - Bringing It All Home
    A bit of background
    Learning the gardening lingo
    Minimizing weed and pest damage
    Know your harvest windows
    Seeing the bigger picture
    Fall Calendar of Events
    Farm to Fork Raises Funds for Education Programs
    Apprentices Receive CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer Grants
    New USDA Grant to Support Beginning Farmer Education Programs
    Apprenticeship Updates

  • Summer 2018

    DIY!: Grow and Arrange Cut Flowers from the Home Garden and ... Support Your Local Flower Growers
    Adding Beauty, Attracting Pollinators and Beneficials
    Provisioning for the "3 Ps"
    Support Your Local Flower Growers!
    Sidebar: Farm & Garden Alumni Cut Flower Growers
    Summer/early Fall Calendar of Events
    New Grants Fund Projects, Scholarships, and Core Support at the Farm & Garden
    A Rose for Tana
    Tips for Growing Carrots & Beets in the Home Garden
    Apprenticeship Updates
    Applications Open for 2019 Apprenticeship Program

  • Spring 2018

    Spring Plant Sale Preview: Herbs Galore at This Year's Spring Plant Sale
    Annual Herbs
    Perennial Herbs
    Spring/early Summer Calendar of Events
    Get Your Share in the 2018 CSA Program!
    New Grant Funds Organic Seedling Production and Greenhouse Training
    How-To Videos and Much More on Center for Agroecology YouTube Site
    Home-Grown Help: New Ag Tunnels at the UCSC Farm To Provide Food for Dining Halls, Food Pantries, and Organic Produce Pop-Ups on Campus
    Meet the 2018 Apprentices

  • Winter 2018

    Fruit Tree Bootcamp, Organic Roses, and Other Coming Attractions for 2018
    Fruit Trees in the Home Landscape
    Every Rose Has Its Thorns - and Blooms!
    Winter 2018 Calendar of Events
    Remembrances  of Alan Chadwick
    Chadwick Garden's Rock Walls Get a Makeover as Part of 50th Anniversary

  • 2017 Issues

  • Summer/Fall 2017

    Growing Farmers & the Food Movement for 50 Years
    Roots of Success
    A Farm is Born
    Launching a Movement
    The "People's Farm"
    "Grow our own food? That's slavery!"

    New Series of Organic Grower Guides Available
    Field Report from the Rose Selection & Care Workshop
    New Perennials Grace Persimmon Slope
    The "First 50" Gathering at UC Santa Cruz
    Rock Walls and Memories
    Friday Reception and Stories
    An Action-Packed Saturday
    Sunday Closure
    Orin Martin on Some of the Farm & Garden's Early Supporters
    Thank You to Our "First 50" Celebration Supporters!

  • Spring 2017

    Spring Plant Sale Preview: Some of Alan Chadwick's Favorite Plants to Feature at Spring Plant Sale
    Herbaceous Perennial and Annual Flowers
    Rosemary and Lavender
    Heirloom Vegetables
    Thanks to Our 50th Anniversary and Giving Day Supporters
    From Founding Farmer to Fair Food Movement Champion
    "First 50" Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration
    Apprenticeship Updates - Meet the 2017 Apprentices

  • Winter 2017

    Roses as a Celebration: New Rose Plantings Mark 50th Anniversary
    The "Greatest Hits" of Modern Bush Roses (hybrid teas, grandifloras, and floribundas)
    David Austin Roses
    Recommended Seed Sources
    Conference Attendees Kick Off 50th Anniversary
    Food Justice & Equity Scholarship Established
    2017 Docent Training Starts March 9
    Cowell Ranch Hay Barn Wins Awards
    Lyn Garling: Where is She Now?

  • 2016 Issues

  • Fall 2016

    "Creamer" Potatoes Offer an Innovative and Interesting Format
    Growing Creamer Potatoes
    Recommended Creamer Varieties
    Recommended Seed Sources
    Friends' Board Candidate Statements
    Save the Date for 50th Anniversary
    Fall & Winter Almanac of Garden Crops for the Santa Cruz Area
    Sixth Annual Farm to Fork Dinner Generates Support for Apprenticeship & UCSC Farm
    Alumni Notes
  • Summer 2016

    Tomato Tips for the Home Gardener
    Pinching and Pruning
    Ongoing Irrigation and Fertility
    Minimizing Diseases
    Hay Barn Update
    Save the Date for 50th Anniversary
    New Apprenticeship Scholarship Supports Veterans
    Meet the 2016 Apprentices (part 2)
    Alumni Notes

  • Spring 2016

    Spring Plant Sale Preview
    Herbaceous Perennials and a Plethora of Peppers
    Join the 2016 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Project
    Meet the 2016 Apprentices 
    Alumni Notes
  • Winter 2016

    Dispatches from the Farm Orchard: A Little Distant and Recent History, and a New Approach to Controlling Apple Replant Disease
    Fast Forward: The New Millenium
    More Recent Fruit Tree Plantings
    Addressing Apple Replant Disease
    Save the Date: Sustainable Agriculture Education Conference, July 29-31
    Garden Cruz: Organic Matters, 2016
    Farm & Garden Internships Support New Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems Concentration

  • 2015 Issues

  • Fall 2015

    Preparing the Garden for El Niño
    Using Cover Crops and Mulches
    Protecting Fall and Winter Crops and Compost Piles
    Planting and Caring for Fruit Trees and Berries
    Friends of the Farm & Garden Board Candidate Statements
    Fifth Annual Farm to Fork Dinner & Celebration Help Launch Newly Restored Hay Barn
    Renowned Woodcut Artist and UCSC Alumnus Tom Killion Creates New Friends of the Farm & Garden Logo

  • Summer 2015

    An Anomalous Fruit Tree Year
    The Roots of Dormancy
    Dormancy and Chill Hours
    The Effects of a Warm Winter
    Gaia Fund Grant Launches Phase II of Hay Barn Project
    Are Your Plants Water Stressed?
    Meet the 2015 Apprentices (Part 2)

  • Spring 2015

    Spring Plant Sale Preview
    Celebrating 35 Years of Growing Plants and a Gardening Community
    A Selection of Featured Annuals from the 2015 Spring Plant Sale
    Hay Barn Project Update
    New Edition of Teaching Organic Farming & Gardening: Resources for Instructors available
    Meet the 2015 Apprentices (Part 1)
  • Winter 2015

    Home Grown: Musings from the Citrus Terraces
    Varietal Strategies for the Santa Cruz Region
    A Note on Citrus Fertility
    Hay Barn "Barn Raising" Event on Tap
    Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Farm & Garden
    Tribute to a Founding Friend 
    New Grants Fund Research, Education, & Operations

  • 2014 Issues

  • Fall 2014

    For the Love of Garlic
    Some Tips for the Home Gardener
    Fouth Annual Farm-to-Fork Dinner Sells out, Raises Funds for Apprentices
    Thanks S
    o Much Daniel!
    Farmer Training Video Effort Funded
    Book Reviews
    The Bee: A Natural History
    Farming with Native Beneficial Insects: Ecological Pest Control Situations
    Green Garlic - An Easy to Grow Winter & Spring Treat
    Green Garlic Pesto Recipe
    A Note on Sandhill Farm's Garlic Operation

  • Summer 2014

    The How's and Why's of Summer Fruit Tree Pruning
    Summer vs. Winter Pruning
    Understanding the Physiological "Why's" behind Summer Pruning's Effects
    Summer Pruning Tips
    Endowment Gift Will Support Apprenticeship Training Program
    When Should I Water?

  • Spring 2014

    Spring Plant Sale Preview: Cultivating Resilience in Your Yard and Garden
    Friends' Business Affiliates Program Debuts
    Hay Barn Deconstruction Completed
    Meet the 2014 Apprentices

  • Winter 2014

    For the Home Orchardist: Thoughts on Pruning and Training Deciduous Fruit Trees
    Light Interception and Distribution
    Open Center Tree Form
    3-Saturday Garden Cruz: Organic Matters Offered
    Ideas for Responding to the Drought

  • 2013 Issues

  • Fall 2013

    Making the Most of Your Pepper Crop
    Red or Green?
    How Hot Are They?
    New Mexico Chile Plant Characteristics
    Land Race Peppers
    Saving Seeds at the UCSC Farm
    Beginning Farmer Mixer at the Ecological Farming Conference

  • Summer 2013

    Making Quality Compost
    Process and Participants
    Five Criteria for Success

    The Farm is Growing! New Fields Add Production, Research, and Teaching Opportunities

  • Spring 2013

    Selecting Varieties for the Plant Sale
    Selection Criteria

    Beyond the Box
    Hay Barn Restoration Project Initiated

  • Winter 2013

    Tending Fruit Trees - A Template for Success
    Making Nutrients Available
    Maintaining Established Trees

    Selecting and Planting Blueberries
    Choosing a Variety
    Preparing the Soil
    Maintaining Soil Moisture

    The People's Farm & Garden at UCSC

  • 2012 Issues

  • Fall 2012

    Choosing & Using Cover Crops in the Home Garden & Orchard
    Materials and Methods
    Soil Preparation and Seeding
    Seed Sources

    Home Farmers Return 40 Years On
    About the Friends of the UCSC Farm & Garden
    The Roots of Padron Peppers
    Winning Recipe from the Harvest Festival Apple Pie Contest

  • Summer 2012

    Early Summer Gardening Tips
    Root Crops and Direct-Sown Leafy Crops (Salad Greens, etc.)
    Summer Squashes and Cucumbers
    Miscellaneous Tasks
    Looking Ahead

    Source and Grow Your Own Organic Bouquets
    “Root Down” with Real Field Flowers
    Workshop Shows You How

    Local Growers Offer Organic Flowers for the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Regions
    New Gardening Book Offers Ideas for Gardening with Kids

  • Spring 2012

    Join the Revolution - Plant Flowers!
    Plant Diversity Encourages Beneficials
    Plants That Provide for the 3 P’s
    Adding Vegetables to the Mix

    Ornamental Grasses Add Color, Texture to the Landscape

  • Winter 2012

    Reliable Fruit Tree Varieties for Santa Cruz County
    The Reliable—and Not So Reliable
    Chill Hours
    Reliable Fruit Varieties

    Responding to Fall & Winter Drought in the Garden
    Winter Recipes from Fresh from the Farm & Garden: Seasonal Recipes for Busy Cooks

  • 2011 Issue

  • Fall 2011

    Your Soil—A Primer, with Some Strategies for Sustainable Management
    Soil's Four Components
    Soil’s Three Distinct Properties: Physical, Chemical, and Biological
    A Biological Approach to Managing Soils
    Assessing and Amending Your Soil
    Closing Tips

    Harvest Festival Draws an Enthusiastic Crowd
    Apple Pie Contest's Winning Recipe

    Farm-to-Fork to Future

  • Summer 2011

    Adding Cane Berries to the Home Garden
    Location, Location, Location
    Bed Preparation and Planning
    Support Structures
    Choosing Varieties: Primocane (everbearing) versus Floricane (June bearing)
    Irrigation, Disease Control, and Ongoing Fertility

    Help Us Bridge the Gap

  • Spring 2011

    Spring Plant Sale Includes New Features, Old Favorites, & Community Partnerships
    Solanum Central
    Santa Cruz Natives
    Yours in Community

    New Garden Project Extends the Seasons
    High Tunnels Allow for Earlier Planting
    Home Gardening Options

  • Winter 2011

    Rootstock Basics
    What is it?
    Where Do They Originate?
    What Do They Give You?
    Advantages of Dwarfing Rootstock

    The Gardening Seasons of Santa Cruz

  • 2010 Issue

  • Fall 2010

    Choosing, Growing & Harvesting Cut Flowers
    Reasons for Growing Cut Flowers
    Criteria for Selection: What are you looking for in a cut flower?
    Factors that Influence Plant Quality and Vase Life
    A Thumbnail Sketch of Annual Flowers
    Ideal Time to Cut
    How to Cut
    What to Cut
    Floral Preservatives
    Flowers that Attract Beneficial Insects

    Apprentice Housing Project Dedicated at Fall Celebration
    Winning Recipes in the 2010 Harvest Festival Apple Pie Contest

  • Summer 2010

    "A Rose by Any Other Name"—The Allure of Species Roses
    Characteristics of Species Roses
    Rugosa spp. and Rugosa Hybrids
    Features of Rugosa Roses
    Greatest Hits of Rugosas

    Oral History Reveals Sustainable Agriculture's Deep Roots on the Central Coast
    The Town that Food Saved: How One Community Found Vitality in Local Food
    Easy Ways to Keep Produce Fresh

    Storing Fresh Product Simply
    Preserving Food Fast
    A Few Warnings

  • Spring 2010

    Mini Head Lettuces Offer Gardeners Delicious, Affordable Salad Options
    Romaine Types
    Small-Framed Butterheads
    Too Many Seeds of One Variety? Renee’s Garden Seeds Offer an Elegant Solution

  • Winter 2010

    Learning to Know & Appreciate Russeted Apples
    Russeted Apples—A Classic “Keeper”
    Shape and Size
    Skin and Color
    Varietal Descriptions of Some Favorite Russet Apples
    Mail Order Sources

    Working Around the Rains
    Some Favorites Peppers for Next Summer's Gardens

    Seed, Seedling Care, and Transplanting
    Some Recommended Varieties

  • 2009 Issue

  • Fall 2009

    A Sampling of Edible Plants Native to the Monterey Bay Region
    Grow a Farmer Campaign a Success! Apprentice Housing Project Underway

    Campaign Raises Awareness of Apprentices' Work
    University of California offers free publications to Californians
    The University of California launches a new gardening Web site

  • Summer 2009

    Selecting, Growing, and Ripening European Pears
    Ripening Summer and Winter Pears
    Summer Pears

    Native Salvias for the Garden
    Color Shape and Size
    Establishment and Care
    Some Favorite Salvias
    Winter Pears
    Greatest Hits of Pear Varieties
    Summer Pears

    The Benefits of Summer Fruit Tree Pruning

  • Spring 2009

    A Bounty Of Plants At This Year's Plant Sale
    Annual Veggies and Herbs
    Annual Cut Flowers
    Perrenial Vegetables/Fruits
    Prime Perrenials
    California Natives

    "Grow a Farmer" Campaign to Help Apprentice Housing Fundraising
    Rose Offerings at the Spring Plant Sale

    Old School
    New School
    Own Root Roses
    Hybrid Musks
    David Austin (English Shrub Roses)
    Climbing Roses

  • Winter 2009

    Selecting and Planting Bare Root Fruit Trees
    Tree Sources
    Selecting Quality Trees
    Digging and Prepping the Planting Hole or "The Almighty Hole"
    Positioning and Planting the Tree
    Time of Planting
    American Pests: The Losing War on Insects from Colonial Times to DDT

    Help Keep the Apprentices on the UCSC Farm

  • 2008 Issue

  • Fall 2008

    Scion Basics
    What is it?
    Where Does It Come From?
    What Does it Give You?
    Where Can I Get Some of the Scions Discussed Here?
    Now's the Time to Plant Natives
    Range of Plants to Fill Every Garden Niche
    Planting Tips

    Rainbow Pepper Soup Recipe
    Savory Winter Squash Stew Recipe

  • Summer 2008

    Checking Up on the Farm's Perennial Border
    Christof's Favorites
    Also Doing Well
    Not recommended for these conditions (but try them inlight shade or with additional irrigation)
    Fire-safe Landscapes

    Clark Fork Organics Brings Slad Mix & Much More to Missoula

  • Spring 2008

    Something For Gardens Large & Small At the Spring Plant Sale
    Gifts Bolster Special Projects at the Farm & Garden
    In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
    Spring Gardening and Landscaping Chores

  • Winter 2008

    Final Reflections on 30 Years of News & Notes
    Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

    Make Your Own Potting Mix
    Sowing Mix
    Six-Pack Mix

    Back to Basics

  • 2007 Issue

  • Fall 2007

    Back 40: Breaking New Ground—A Truly Remarkable Celebration
    A Fond Farewell, A Warm Welcome
    Help Build Apprentice Housing at the Farm
    Flower Confidential,by Amy Stewart
    Winter Gardens
    Further Reflections on 30 Years of News & Notes
    U.S. Farmers offer solace to war veterans

    Politics of War
    Backed Stuff Squash Recipe

  • Summer 2007

    Reflectin on 30 Years of News & Notes
    The Landscaping Ideas of Jays
    Patricia Allen Takes the Helm as Director of Center for Agroecology
    Bringing Those Pesky Garden Snails to a Halt
    Roasted Potatoes Plus Recipe

  • Spring 2007

    Blue Takes Center Stage At This Year's Spring Plant Sale
    The Goals of Soil Cultivation

    Promoting Good Tilth and Structure
    Preventing or Breaking Up Hard Pans
    Promoting and Maintaining Good Aeration
    Warming and Drying Soil
    Incorporating Organic Matter
    Controlling Weeds
    Creating an Appropriately Well-tilthed Particulate Seed Bed
    Nutrient Release (in Balance)
    A Word Regarding Texture and Structure, the Two Most Fundamental Physical Properties of Soil
    Vocabulary Terms
    Alumni Updates

  • Winter 2007

    French Intensive Gardening: A Retrospective
    History of French Intensive Gardening
    Building Soil with the French Intensive System
    Primary Features of the French Intesive System
    Styles/Tools/Techniques of Cultivation
    Intensive Spacing of Plants and High Yield/Area
    The Use of Fully Mature Compost
    A Soil Ethnic, or an Insane Reverence for Soil
    Extensive Use of Transplants
    Evenness Principle
    Labor as Well as Plant Intensive
    Eco-Farm Conference Helps Mark 40th Anniversary
    Chadwick's Favorite Roses
    Apprenticeship Wins Top Honor in Sustainable Agriculture

    The Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture: A Brief History
    Dealing with Frost Damaged Citrus

  • 2006 Issue

  • Fall 2006

    Autumn Apple Musings
    Report Card: Pesticides in Produce
    Apple Pie Bake-Off Results

    Harvest Pie Recipe
    Can You Dig It?
    Kobacha, Onion and Rosemary Saute Recipe

  • Summer 2006

    Easy to Grow Asian Greens Make a Versatile Addition to the Garden
    Additional Cultural Notes
    Easy Asian Greens Recipe
    Book review—Native Treasures: Gardening with the Plants of California
    Strawberry Spinach Salad Recipe
    The Farm & Garden Community Loses a Beloved Friend

  • Spring 2006

    Cottage Garden Favorites Featured at This Year's Spring Plant Sale
    Perrenial Food Crops
    Native Plants
    Other Perrenial Standouts
    Annual Vegetables and Flowers
    Cox's Orange Pippin Tribe Offers Growers a Delicious Challenge
    Cox's Orange Pippin Offspring
    And a Variety in Search of a Name...

  • Winter 2006

    Thoughts From Among the Apple Trees
    McIntosh History and Profile
    Among the Apple Trees

    Connecting Students to the Farm
    February Garden Checklist
    Citrus and Almond Salad Recipe
    Wild Mushrooms and Angel Hair Pasta Recipe

  • 2005 Issue

  • Fall 2005

    Organic Rose Care Demystified in New Book
    Disease Control
    Excerpts from
    A Rose Primer: An Organic Approach to Rose Care Selection and Care
    Sources: Mail Order vs. Retail
    Types: Bareroot vs. Container Growth
    David Austin's Roses, aka English Shrub Roses
    What Defines an English Shrub Rose?
    In a Nutshell—David Austin Rose Characteristics
    Greatest Hits of David Austin's English Shrub Roses
    Grants Fund a Variety of Education and Apprenticeship Efforts
    Dibs and Dabbles

    Harvest Festival Traditions
    Science of Gardening
    Fall Colors

    Fall Gardening Check List
    Clear beds and build compost piles—
    Plant cover crops—
    Tidy up the greenhouse and potting area—
    Mulch and treat perrenials and fruit trees—
    Take care of tools—
    Plant bulbs and other crops—
    Prep holes for fruit trees and roses—

    Roasted Autumn Vegetables Recipe

  • Summer 2005

    Easy-To-Grow Tarragon Adds Sprightly Flavor to Summer Dishes
    Some Thoughts on Salad Mixes
    Book Review: "California's Wild Gardens: A Guide to Favorite Botanical Sites"
    Book Review: "The Conquest of Bread: 150 Years of Agribusiness in California"
    Gardening is Good For You
    Rose Cutting Tips
    Organic, Inc.
    Alumni Updates
    Marinated Veggie Kebabs Recipe

  • Spring 2005

    Spring Plant Sale Preview: Garden Favorites Offer Taste & Beauty
    Garden Peas Bring Springtime Flavor
    Beans Offer Year-Round Beauty
    Earth Day Organic Foods Campaign Goes Mainstream

  • Winter 2005

    Unearthing The Best Seed For Organic Gardens
    Peaches and Nectarines—Growing Tips and Varietal Descriptions
    Cultivation and Growing Tips
    Peach Varieties

    Yummy Winter Salad Recipe

  • 2004 Issue

  • Summer 2004

    Planning and Planting the Fall and Winter Garden
    Garden Party and Art Auction Raise Funds for Apprenticeship
    Grants Bolster Statewide Sustainable Agriculture Curriculum Project
    Resources Offer Advice on Reducing the Use of Toxics at Home
    Apple Pie Contest at This Year's Hervest Festival
    Life Lab Science Program Celebrates 25 Years
  • Winter 2004

    Belle Portugaise (Belle of Portugal) - A Prolific Rose for Central Coast Gardens
    Grants and Gifts Support Training, Demonstration, and Outreach
    Blueberry Variety Trial Underway at the UCSC Farm
    We Lose a Good Friend
    Getting Rid of Wild Blackberry Plants without Herbicides

  • 2003 Issue

  • Fall 2003

    New Perennial Border Takes Root, Offer Ideas for Home Gardeners
    CSA Project Completes Another Abundant Season
    Funding for Apprenticeship Greatly Appreciated
    Harvest Festival Highlight
    Thanks, Anne-Marie and Welcome, Akiko
    Winning Apple Pie Recipe
    Children Become Educated Food Consumers Through Innovative Life Lab Field Trip Program

  • 1996 Issue

  • Spring 1996

    Greant Initiates Afrian Apprentice Scholarship Fund
    Spring Plant Sale Preview '96
    Apprenticeship Feels Financial Pressures
    Donations Sought for Louise Cain Scholarships
    Gourds: A Primer
    Backyard Acrobats
  • Winter 1996

    Planning your Spring Garden - Seed Sources & Varieties
    Book Review: The Humanure Handbook
    Fruit Trees for Your Garden
    A Study in Contrasts - Butchart Gardens and The University of British Columbia's Botanical Garden
    Alumni Help the Homeless Garden Project Grow

  • 1994 Issue

  • Winter 1994 (Beginning of Year)

    CSA Workshops in Davis inspire Santa Cruz Conference
    Yellow Mystery Flowers
  • Fall 1994

    1994 Apprentices Ready Themselves for Making this World a Greener Place
    Scholarship Efforts Spurred on by Apprentices
  • Winter 1994 (End of Year)

    De-Bugging your Garden
    Time to go Native

  • 1993 Issue

  • Fall 1993

    Some Vines
    Hurrahing in Harvest
  • Winter 1993

    A Tribute to Louise Cain
    Another Inspirational Chadwick-Inspired Garden

  • 1992 Issue

  • Winter 1992 (Beginning of Year)

    Vision Statement
    Mary's Swiss Chard with Walnuts Recipe
    Beth's Fresh Sorrel Salad Dressing Recipe
    Renee's Hearty Portugese Kale Soup Recipe
  • Fall 1992

    Fran's Zucchini with Peanut Sauce Recipe
    Zucchini Pancakes Recipe
    Roots and Shoots Reviewed
    Blossom Tea Sandwiches Recipe
    Alan Chadwick Memorial Endowment Fund
    Cherry Tomato Follow-Up
  • Summer 1992

    Observer's Note from the Spring Plant Sale
    Viva Vermicomposting!
    Summer Pruning

  • 1991 Issue

  • Fall 1991

    At Last: Community Supported Agriculture--Here!
    Harry O. Warrren
    Squash Festival
    Elizabeth's Pumpkin Pie
  • Spring 1991

    Spring Poem
    Docent Program Flourishing: Training Again Underway

  • Summer 1991

  • 1989 Issue

  • Fall 1989 (September)

  • Fall 1989 (November)

  • Spring 1989

  • Summer 1989

  • 1988 Issue

  • Fall 1988