Sustainability in the Balance

A Series on Issues in Sustainable Agriculture

#1: Raising Fundamental Issues - Summarizes social issues critical to sustainable agriculture. Raises questions to be considered in clarifying sustainability goals and translating them into action. 8 pages. $2.00. pdf file (43K)

#2: What Do We Want to Sustain? Developing a Comprehensive Vision of Sustainable Agriculture - Discusses ways to broaden the concept of sustainable agriculture so as to include issues of class, gender, and race. 8 pages. pdf file (45K)

#3: Expanding the Definition of Sustainable Agriculture - Raises concerns about current sustainability definitions and suggests ways to incorporate social, environmental, and economic issues into a new definition of sustainable agriculture. 8 pages. pdf file (44K)

#4: The Human Face of Sustainable Agriculture: Adding People to the Environmental Agenda - Examines the social issues that must be addressed in working toward sustainability, including food and income distribution, labor conditions, concentration of ownership, and research priorities. Includes examples of programs that focus on solving these problems. 12 pages.

#5: The Human Face of Sustainable Food Systems: Adding People to the Environmental Agenda - Revisits the issues addressed in the 1994 publication, The Human Face of Sustainable Agriculture, providing information on their current status, and highlights efforts to resolve them. 18 pages. pdf file (4.5 MB)