CASFS is hiring a basic needs coordinator

May 10, 2021

The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS or the Center) is a research, education, and public service organization dedicated to advancing an ecologically sustainable and socially just food system. Our status as a Center within the Division of Social Sciences at UC Santa Cruz enables us to undertake projects in many disciplines in the pursuit of these goals, and to work with faculty, staff, and students from throughout the university.

Beyond the campus we collaborate with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), growers, community members, visiting students and researchers, and state and federal agencies, including UC Cooperative Extension and the US Department of Agriculture. The Center's work includes both theoretical and applied research; academic education and practical training; and community outreach and public service for audiences ranging from local school children to international agencies.

CASFS is hiring a Basic Needs coordinator to coordinate CASFS site production for the Basic Needs campus outlets, assist in campus-level Basic Needs services coordination, and advise Food Systems Working Group (FSWG) student staff and program activities under general supervision of the Food Systems Education & Research Program specialist and the Field manager.

The incumbent’s work will support the CASFS mission to advance agroecology and equitable food systems through experiential education, participatory research, agricultural extension, and public service and efforts to integrate equity into all aspects of CASFS work and programming.

To apply to this job, create a profile as an external or internal applicant at The position Job ID is 18224 and the full description of duties and qualifications can be found here. The initial review date for this position is May 20, 2021.