The UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology is hiring a Chadwick Garden assistant manager

January 13, 2022

The UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology is hiring an assistant manager for the Alan Chadwick Garden to help maintain the space and support the instruction of students and other program participants.

The Center for Agroecology is an organization, housed in the UC Santa Cruz Division of Social Sciences, that works to advance agroecology and equitable food systems through research, education, and public service. The Center manages the UCSC Farm and Chadwick Garden on the UC Santa Cruz campus, both internationally known sites for training and research in organic horticulture and agriculture. Students, faculty, and researchers use both the Farm and Garden as research and teaching sites. The 3-acre Chadwick Garden exhibits a diverse collection, including ornamentals, annual and perennial food crops, an extensive planting of fruit trees (including more than 120 apple varieties), and native California species.

The Chadwick Garden assistant will perform tasks and assist in the management of the daily operations of the Chadwick Garden and greenhouses, performing a broad range of horticultural and agricultural tasks in an education-based organic garden and farm orchard. The assistant will also use their experience as a grower and mentor to support the instruction and guidance of apprentices, participants in intensive short courses and public workshops, and undergraduates, with a focus on building organic horticultural and agricultural skills and growing the capacity of participants to work with others to create more equity in the U.S. and global food systems. 

Additionally, the Chadwick Garden assistant will support the Center’s mission to advance agroecology and equitable food systems through experiential education, participatory research, agricultural extension, and public service. The incumbent will support the Center’s efforts to integrate equity into all aspects of the Center’s work and programming.

Visit the job description listing to learn more about this position and apply. The initial review date for this position is February 2, 2022.