Center for Agroecology welcomes Darryl Wong as new executive director

May 02, 2022


The UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology will welcome Darryl Wong as its new executive director next month. Wong will work alongside Faculty Director Stacy Philpott to lead the center in its work to advance agroecology and equitable food systems through experiential education, participatory research, agricultural extension, and public service.

Wong, who has been the Research Lands manager at the Center for Agroecology since 2013, has worked across the center's production, education, and research programs, co-managing 10 acres of production fields, instructing beginning farmer and undergraduate agroecology courses, and collaborating on faculty field research. He is concurrently completing his Ph.D. in the Environmental Studies Department, focusing on soil health and organic no-till agriculture in California, and has farmed for over 15 years, previously owning a diversified organic farm before joining the center.

As executive director, Wong will set center priorities, manage administrative activities, and plan for financial, human resources, and space needs in addition to overseeing fundraising aspects at the center. He will begin transitioning into the new role on May 15.

“This is a monumental moment for the center, and reflects not only the maturity and reach of the center’s programs, but also the trust and excitement from campus leadership,” said Wong. “Perhaps most exciting is getting to continue to work with the phenomenal center staff, who have been my colleagues and mentors for the last two decades, to keep building on the incredible impact of this place”

Stacy Philpott, current director, will work alongside Wong to advance the center’s educational and research goals and build connections with academic units on campus. Wong and Philpott look forward to working together to continue to achieve the center's vision for an equitable food system that empowers local communities, builds relationships, and nourishes all people and the environment.